Chronological rambling

This is where I complain about time

So this is just a collection of my rants about time

By time, I mean the finiteness of life in the light of infiniteness of time


Rant 1

I remember reading in a Wikipedia article about one of the first archbishops of Boston, which happened in the early years of colonization of America, it occured to me that a University education meant Theology among other things.

So, that got me wondering, in a period of 200 years, how much did the norms of education themselves changed? Not only from the perspective of a person living in those ages making a choice to what to pursue, but also considering the frontiers of Science being pushed further and further.

These must surely be inter-related.

How things in academia changed? How the norms in academia changed? By this I mean,

“Hey you young, why don’t you complete your education?” “Okay, but what should I study?” “Hmm, okay everyone takes XYZ in University” “It’s the current fad.” “Okay, I might as well take that”

Like, we now in this epoch read about frontiers of science what were pushed in previous epoch. What were they teaching in previous epochs?

This kind of leads to second rant.

Rant 2

We die and things after we die, we could never know.

So, Newton could possibly never know about Einstein’s General Relativity. Einstein would never would have laid eyes on Higgs model. Planck would not have seen Quantum Field Theory.

All of this kind of hits me hard. They set the foundation of the science upon which we living on this epoch stand.

Is this what they mean by “Stand on the shoulders of the Giant”.

This rant leads me to this conclusion: Even if my contributions to pushing the frontiers of Science is negligble, I want to live forever and forever just to know everything that will come after me

I don’t want to be fully living per say. I’d be happy even as a ghost, not affecting any other living being in any way. I’d sure be happy if I have someone to talk to (but that’s wishful thinking). I will see Science, do the math for myself.

I’d be as good as dead yet learn everything, see everything, know everything. But, that’d be no use to anyone else. I guess that sucks. But, on the whole, that seems fun.