Suryarao Bethapudi, 22/M

200 lb, 6’1”


Why is there a “Shining” in my name?

My firstname is Suryarao, and people (mostly everyone) calls me Surya I prefer that way, if you call me Suryarao, I would just assume that I pissed you off. Surya, in my mother tongue (Telugu), for that matter, in Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, (or even Malayalam) means the Sun. And, what does Sun do? It shines.


First documented use of this name dates back to when I was creating a Facebook account in my 8th grade. Yeah, I know, that was early. And, my wonderful sister suggested to have “Shining” with my name on FB. And from then, it is stuck with my name.

What do I do?

I do anything that interests me. My interests are pretty narrow. I get bored very fast. And, when I get bored, I do stuff. This website is of the stuff I do.

I am a graduate student studying astronomy.

Five words that describe me

  • Heart-thinker (I can make up words)
  • Inqusitive
  • somewhat Kantianism
  • Food
    • Shawarma
    • Pepperoini pizza with Chicken toppings
    • Watermelon
  • Surya (Haha, I know this is cheating)
If you look that feature pic closely, you will find a person gazing the night sky.

That is not me. I will have to take a pic like that before I put one there.

But, I have it on my TODO list.