badtameezi with the right person is fun and addictive.

the right person brings a whole new level of badtameezi which otherwise would not be possible. here i present only the categories of the badtameezis i did with someone. showing instances of such would be a violation of the privacy.

badtameezi is borderline asshole + funny + quirky + interesting + playful. a joke does not have to be an anecdote. it does not have to be a typical joke . in the right setting, anything can be a joke. the receiver of the joke just has to find it to be funny. but the reception of joke is dynamic. repeating the same joke again loses all of its intensity and impact. badtameezi is keeping the content fresh while the intensity of jokes being comparable with before. it does not have to be funny all the time. sometimes it is okay to just drench the words with all the feelings there is.

words carry a special meaning. not just in the sentence, but also in the context, in the intent. badtameezi is taking complete advantage of this. it will be more clear in the example below.

the intent of this post to come back and look at these messages. i possess a narcissitic trait here. i am proud of these messages. these messages are only for personal consumption and will be not be put here.

i think these show an unique talent. it might have just been that i was just under the influence but i am nevertheless proud. even if i was under heavy influence, i meant everything i said. i did not lie. how could i lie when i was just pouring my heart over the keyboard? i cannot filter that while its pouring. there is no such sieve which does that. this post is yet another evidence that i that meant everything since i have chosen to publish it.

there is another intention here. i think i want the next person i date/see to entertain this kind of badtameezi. if i can not do this, then, that person is not right for me.

to make things easy, i classified the badtameezi into categories. this classification is not rigourous and done on the fly but it should be fine.


where does thinking end and feeling start? or where does any one of them start and where does the other one end?

i can capable of feeling and thinking. i can feel so much more than i can think and i think a lot.

ever wonder what happens when someone unloads all of their feelings and thoughts? i feel people are either very selective or very reserve about their own feelings.


when you know someone well enough, you can anticipate their reactions/responses. you can construct the flow of the conversation in such a way that your anticipation of their reaction/response is not far from reality. it is easy to do when a conversation is ending obviously since the kind of conversation largely dictates the response. happy coversations are followed by joyous reactions/responses. however, the work of prediction is to be done on the kind of reaction/response.

everyone has an unique reaction/response to different types of responses. this all needs a lot of training data to actually learn. this is not limited to just “text” reaction/responses. there are many more cues which can be predicted. it could some quirky phrase they use often. any running gag that is still running.


drama/overaction has its own charm. people who deny it never tasted it. maybe i just find lack of drama/overaction just too boring. drama to the extend that it makes everything playful and fun.

why do people show such aversion to doing something more? something extra? it feels like it has been programmed in us all to be in the pack. of course, because of evolutionary advantage i suppose.

drama requires a large investment of feelings. what differs from the point above is that, drama also requires being upfront about the investment. it also requires a much larger investment of self-image. you can’t be dramatic if you are worried about what she would think of you.

i think i do not care about the worth. like money, it might be there now and it might not be there later. the only truth there is just dharmo rakshati rakshita.


repeating a joke severly reduces its intensity. i am not denying this. but there are certain jokes/gags that can and must repeat. and each time they repeat, their impact is greater than before. they gain momentum after regular use. of course, the context should provide for it.

remembering such recurring things and their contexts require some mental effort but you can always rely on your brain to come up with it. trust yourself lol. your brain and your heart instincts.

does your instincts come from your heart or from your brain?


to put your thoughts and ideas and feelings as it is in your self requires one to be shameless.

infact, badtameezi is analogous to shamelessness. this makes this category perhaps the most important of them all. maybe this is equivalent of putting yourself out there.

do you know what words soaked up in the feelings sound like? i want to experience such feelings and words. i think i get high on feeling. or maybe i just overwhelm myself on those feelings. and everytime i feel so, i feel so alive. it makes me so much glad that i can capable of feeling. aah to feel so much is so much liberating.