i feel i am mistaken when i say i discovered this. i just took a photo of it. i did not choreograph it. it was just there.

it must have been seen by many. the rose must have been put there by someone for some reason. what could have been the reason? is it open to multiple interpretations?

it is not a bouquet. it is a single rose. just one. sometimes, a single rose is much more expressive than a bouquet of roses. perhaps, whoever planted it there, knew that. that someone wanted to express a lot.

but to put it in the trash, implies, either the expression was never attempted or was denied. it is inconclusive to know further. it does not matter as either way the expression never left or never returned back.

the rose was not thrown in trash but fixed in the fixture of the trash can. perhaps that someone could not throw it in the trash. that someone felt rose should not have been discarded. but then, why would not that someone keep the rose with themself? maybe, that someone had no other use of the rose. or that someone just wanted to get rid of the rose and the expression.

why did not that someone give the rose to anyone? who could he give one to? a total stranger? how could that have worked out? so maybe that is why, that someone, just put the rose there where everyone can see and whoever wanted that, could just take it.

but would one take such a rose? a rose from the trash? what expression would that rose hold? it is so unfair for the rose that by no action of itself, that it has been rendered obsolete.

a rose is a rose. withered rose, blooming rose, the rose bud, crumpled rose, a rose in the trash can. how sad it would be if no one takes it until it stops being a rose. maybe the rose was screaming for someone to pick it up and make it an expression it once was again.

trash is not bad. maybe the rose would realize that. the poor rose.

the fate of the rose is more sadder than that of that someone’s expression. the expression was nutured and nourished by that someone. the rose was neither nutured nor nourished by that someone. but the rose suffers the same fate as that expression by accident of fate. a tragedy of the rose.

but, it is still so beautiful. perhaps it only knows to be beautiful. what a curse that it cannot fight back for that expression but just remain so delicate. what can the thorns which were dulled to make the rose more of an expression.

who could rescue this rose? where is the sunflower-in-yellow-armor who would turn to this rose? what will happen of this rose? does it think it should have just been thrown in the trash to save the humiliation from the onlookers who everyone would love a rose but not this rose?

i could not have seen you rose then. i could not have written this then. i could not have understood you. i did not save you. forgive me when isay that. i am not looking down on you. i feel guilty i did not just take it from the trash with me. it felt it was not for me to do so.

i know you now rose. forgive me again for calling you the “a rose in the trash”. i will remember you. this post will remember you.