i am at that stage in my life where i know i will be searching for a soul mate couple of years in future. i also know i am not going to look for one now.

naturally, this has got me subscribed to reddit dating/meeting sub-reddits. One particular one which i follow regularly is r/ForeverAloneDating. at times of extreme melancholy, i have made two posts on this as well. an obvious trend i have noticed is the very skewed ratio between “M4F” posts and “F4M” types. this is expected. but what i did not expect is multiple “F4M” posts from same OPs after a gap of days to months. often times, the main body of the text is similar; title may be different. In all the posts, the kind of reception of the post (likes, awards, comments if allowed) is the same as any other “F4M” post.

Assuming that atleast a fraction of the users who react (like, award, comment) send a PM/chat request to the OP, the OP must have had non zero number of interactions.

and the OP did not find what she was looking for.

so what do people want with love? surely everyone wants love. so i ask what do you want with it?

so let me tell what i am

  • coward: i don’t like expressing sadness. i would rather not think about sad things or talk with anyone about sad things. they do exist but i would think about better things.

  • insecure: i require a constant supply of reassurance. in return, i shall repay your every reassurance with everything i have got.

  • lazy: i only choose to work hard on things i want to work on.

and then tell you what i want

  • brave: someone who can face the sadness head-on. i can survive on just fine but i want to live too.

  • secure: can you trust me with me at times?

  • careful: all things should be done with care.

so we a match?

i have given it a lot of thought. to someone who does not know me - these things look like a bad deal. i am only giving and she is only taking.
but someone who knows me - this is an equivalent exchange.

hmm, so maybe all everyone wants is someone who knows them well enough.