when I am drunk.

I have noticed that when there is alcohol running through my veins, I get more talkative than usual.

I crave for human interaction. I have some acquaintances who misread my want for human interaction as cry for attention. I find them to be too callous.

Maybe that is just me. I like to feel hard. As much as I want to be logical I know that I would in one way or another just end up being more of a feeler than a thinker.

I like to love hard. No point in being moderate about investing feelings. I go all in. No holds barred. Maybe this is a toxic trait of mine.

Maybe the booze helps me detach myself from my body and lets me see/interact with the world as a third person. What more interests me then is how you perceive the world.

The world is the same. The laws of Physics are the same. The nature is the same. But what differs is our own perception/understanding of it. This impresses me the most. I would like to see the world from your eyes, hear what you hear, and feel what you think. And I would like to do with anyone I drink with.

Of course I want to do that with someone I love/cherish but also with some random stranger if we are drinking together. I don’t see this as something exclusive for special ones.

Now that it crossed my mind: I titled this I like to talk. Not I like to listen. Sure I love babbling on and on about all the things under the sun but I know your patience and interest wears out much much faster than the things I would like to talk out (hence this blog where I can do my bidding to my heart’s content and until my glass dries up). But believe me, I also like to listen.

Maybe I have not found one who would talk as much as I do.

So hear me now that you are here and so am I.

Hmm this is tad bit hard when I am talking to the text I am just writing - lol.