I want to be a genius. I want to be perfect. My definition of a genius/perfect is the same.

If you do the same thing a thousand times, you get the result every single time. If you the same thing a million thousand time, you get the same result every single time. You get the feel.

My definition of perfect entity is that which yield always yields the same outcome no matter where, no matter when, no matter how the circumstances are.

I already know this is possible. This feat is achieved by science.

I define science as something which is absolute because it is the same no matter what. Even if you are in a non-inertial frame, or traveling at relativistic speeds, or experiencing quantum/general relativity effects, the science is the same.

I believe what has evolved is the understanding of the science and not science. Science has been there and will continue to be there and will continue to behave exactly how it should every single time.

So, I want to be science. I would trade my human life to be science, if I could. I would be perfect.

I don’t want to be a particle, like they are localized. Or, a phenomenon, I totally understand how cliche this sounds , like photoelectric effect or lasing effect. I would also be localized to the place where it happens.

I want to be a field. I would be everywhere. I could see all of the Universe at the same time (this would totally violate causality, tho). Stuff will just go out and come in but I will be always there always doing the same thing I do and getting the perfect result because I can only do the same thing all the time.