I hope this post will be a part of a series of posts on religions.

One thing which is seeming common among almost all the religions is the notion of eschatology.

A word I didn’t know until I googled and came across these Wikipedia articles:



Almost all religions seem to have this idea of end of times or end of humankind.

Wikipedia does a better job of summarising what every religion predicts, so Imma skip it out.

Almost all the religions also talk about the subsequent beginning of a new era. A new era in which everything is good and peaceful. It is kind of like a reset switch.

Some religions seem to say that current time is in the final epochs where disagreeable (bad things) things are rampant.

Religion Name of the current epoch Characteristics Final [Y/N]
Hinduism Kali Yuga maximum adharmam Y
Jainism avsarpini-Duhsama Extreme sorrow and misery Y

Other religions either don’t have a notion of epochs or I missed it.


I added almost because I am not too sure if wikipedia covers all the religions. I don’t know how many religions we have on this Earth.