I am at that point in my life where I believe no amount of applied physical force can bring about a lasting change in any human. Only way , I think now, is by making them realize on their own what is to be understood.

If what makes the pen mightier than a sword is the words it writes, then the powerful the words, stronger the pen. And if mere words can make the pen win against a sword, those same words are capable of much more feats.

It is this same thought with which, I am bringing out a list of proverbs. Neeti is a telugu word often associated with Chanakya neeti which means knowledge. This knowledge isn’t like physics or math. I wouldn’t want to say something as bold as – “guidelines of living lives.” At the moment, I can’t exactly define this class of knowledge.

(I will make a post about Chakanya neeti some time soon.)

Proverbs are selected from A handbook of proverbs published in 1855 selecting those who survived the test of time. Link

Some of the proverbs are adjusted to suite the current century outlooks. All proverbs containing masculine subject have been stripped of their gender.


The absent are always at fault.

If you are not there to fight off suspicions, you are in a way accepting them.

Better go about than fall into the ditch.

Crossing the ditch via the ditch may sound novel but is foolish.

In vain one craves advice that will not be followed.

I am guilty of this.

Give advice to all; but be security for none.

This makes me not want to give any advice in the first place.

No alchemy like saving.

Any wealth creation starts by savings.

No one knows the weight of another’s burden.

I can give you my shoes and you can walk in them for miles but you can’t know my burden.

Better ride on a donkey which carries, than a horse that kicks.

The means may not optimal but non zero progress is better than null progress.

The balance can not distinguish between gold and lead.

Take as is.

Barefooted men should not tread on thorns.

Do not test your weakness. (But try to overcome the weakness and if it is something that can’t be overcome, don’t test it)

Better to be beaten than be in bad company.

So many manga/anime MCs get beaten but would never be bully’s lackey.

The beggar is never out of his way.

Begging has no limit. (Don’t be ashamed of begging anyway when you are begging)

Better die a beggar than live a beggar.

Take as is.

In a calm sea, every man is a pilot.

Everyone can tread no-tough-times.

It’s a bad cause that none dare speak in.

Not even trying to stop bad things is as bad as doing the bad things.

What children hear at home, soon files abroad.

You show what you learn at homes.

Who never climbed, never fell.

(Probably one of my favorite)

Give neither counsel nor salt till you are asked for it.

Never give unsolicitated help or advice.

Courtesy on one side never lasts long.

Take as is.

A bad day never hath a good night.

Take as is.

Better to go to bed supperless than to get up in debt.

He that gets out of debt, grows rich.

Debt bad. period.

First deserve, and then desire.

Be competent enough to be what you want to be.

Do what thou ought, let come what may.

Take as is.

Wider ears and a short tongue.

Listen more and talk less.

Good to begin well, better to end well. In the end things will mend.

Complete things.

No one knowns better what good is, than s/he that has endured evil.

(Kind of like that post about that thingy.)

If you would make an enemy, lend a man money, and ask it of hom again.

Take as is.

One may sooner fall than rise.

Falling down is very easy.

The faulty stands on his/her guard. Every one’s faults are not written on their foreheads.

Everyone makes mistakes.

No one is a fool always; every one sometimes.

(This is also kind of nice.) You can’t fool everyone all the time.

The best mirror is an old friend.

The one who can tell you the truth as is.

Life without a friend is death without a witness.

No one to say you died. (I know forensics exist)

When a friend asked, there is no tomorrow.

Bring heaven and hell together if you have to, but help out your friend and don’t give any excuses.

What the heart thinks, the tongue says.

People who say bad things, think bad things.

Path to Hell is paved with good intentions.

There are those mean bad to others. These go to Hell. And there are also those who don’t mean bad, but end up doing bad. These also go to Hell.

Every human is best known to oneself.

No one will know you better than yourself (except ex-es. Lel)

Idleness is the key of beggary.

Don’t be un-productive.

One nail drives out another.

(Telugu: Muulu ni muulu tone teeyali. Pokiri!!)

One shrewd turn deserves another.

Don’t stop taking smart steps. Don’t leave anything for luck.

Say no ill of the year till it be past.

Don’t jinx it, lmao.

Pardon everyone, but yourself.

Make the guilt make sure that you don’t make the same mistake again.

Every path hath a puddle.

There is no alsolute optimal safe path.

There is no companion like the penny.

If you have spare cash for the journey, ya will feel secure.

Who draws the sword against the prince must throw away the scabbard. If you are going reckless, go full reckless.

A full purse makes the mouth to speak, an empty purse brings worry. Ask the purse what you shouldn’t buy.

Take as is.

Think much, speak little, and write less.

Take as is.

It is wit to pick a lock, and steal a horse, but wisdom to let them alone.

Just because you can, you shouldn’t.