I found a really nice song after some time. So much so that I decided to write this post.

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The movie is a Telugu remake of a Tamil movie involving romance and spearation and stuff. I haven’t watched at the time of writing.


Yedhare-edhurina yetu veluthundho adigana

I never asked where any path would take me

Emi thochani parugai pravahisthu pothuna

Heedlessly running on my way

Emi chusthu unna ne vethikana yedhaina

I am looking at all the things but I am not searching for anything

Oorikine chuttu yevevo kanipisthu unna

Simply watching everything I can see

Kadha lani ho shilane aina

I became a sculpture which doesn’t move

Thrutilo karige kalane aina

I became a fleeting dream

Emi theda udhata

Nuvevarantu adigithe nannevaraina

If I were asked what’s unique about me

Illage kadadhaka

Until the very end

Ho prashnai untan antunna

I will just be that question

Yedho oka badhulai

Nanu cherapoddhani kalan aduguthu unna

I pray to Time that I won’t be wiped away just like a change

Naa venta padi nuvvu entha ontari vana vaddhu

Annodhu dhayunchi yavaru

I pray that no one asks if I am lonely after they look at my life

Inkoni janmalaki saripadu

Aneka sruthulni itharalu yeragaru

Bestown upon me many more “SaReGaMa” enough to last a few more lifetimes

Naa oopirini innaluga

All my breaths up until now

Thana vennati nadipina

Have followed him/her

Cheyutha yavaridhi

Who is doing it?

Na yadha layanu kusalamu adigina

Who asked my echo for happiness

Gusa gusa kabhurula

which have been whispering

Guma guma levarivi

And, who does this sweet fragnance belong to?

Udhayam kagane thazaga puduthu unta

I am reborn afresh every morning

Kaalam ipude nanu kanadha

As if Time gave birth to me

Anaganaga antu ne unta

I always start – “Once upon a time”

Yepudu poorthavane avaka

Never do I complete

Thundi leni kadha nenuga

I am a story but with no will

Gali watam laga aage alavate leka

I am like the gale winds which don’t stop anywhere

Kaalu nilavadhu ye chota nilakadaga

My legs don’t stand still anywhere

Ye chirunama leka ye badhulu podhani lekha

Without an address or hope of reply

Yedhuku vestundho keka mounamga

Why do I silently scream?

Lolu yekantham na chuttu allina lokam

The world which sprinkled solitude all around me

Naake sontham antunna vinaara

Says I am owner

Nenu na needa iddarame chal antunna

I am content with myself and my shadow

Raku dadhu inke evaraina

And I don’t want anyone else

Amma vodilo monna

I had been in my mother’s lap

Andhani aashalatho ninna

And then with unreachable dreams

Yentho ooristhu undhi

Both of which tempt me a lot

Jaabili entha dhoorana unna

No matter how far the moon is

Vennelega chathane unna

Moonlight has always been with me

Antu ooyalaopindhi jolali

Which sings me a lullaby

Thaane naane naanine


I owe a great deal of credit to my mom which helped me a lot with the translations. And also internet for lyric reference.