It was back when I was in my schooling years (I think around 9th, 10th), I first conceived the question of why we like some songs and don’t like some. I casually named it mp3 theory and advertized it with my friends. All of whom who agreed and tested the theory to be true. So, with positive results from an extremely small sample set (also biased), I conjectured that this theory works for any language. In this piece, I try to prove it, after almost 7 years.

mp3 theory: We like the songs whose lyrics our hearts can relate to. Song lyrics which are on the same wavelength as our hearts is. Like, if we are sad, we listen to sad songs. If we are happy, we listen to happy songs. Every song has a mood and every person also has a mood.

This might make it seem that we can’t love songs for a really long time, which is infact true for most of the songs (I did a casual year long survey on this, I will link that post here once this year ends), but, those which we really like for really long times are those which are able to relate to strongly. This mechanism is perpetual.

More time listening to it –> Liking it even more –> More time listening to it –> ….

Then comes the question of songs in different languages not known to us. How can we explain that? The crux of mp3 theory is song lyrics resonating with our hearts. We note that lyrics of a song is only one cornerstone of it. Another major cornerstone is the rthymn which is almost always designed after the lyrics of the song is set.

End of story: We dig the songs whose lyrics and rthymn we really like. And, when we don’t the lyrics (because we don’t know language), rthymn leads convenes the feels of the song which we dig.


I haven’t considered artists in this theory. My knowledge and experience limit me to lyrics and rthymn. If you agree/disagree with me, or have something interesting to add/subtract, hit me an email.

Use case

Ask your crush what his/her favorite song is, decode the lyrics, put your crush in the main guy’s position in the song. If you confront your crush with this theory, he/she would immediately disaprove of it. Don’t be that guy. It is almost always more important to be understanding others than saying anything.

My list of international songs which survived the test of time

Here lies the list of the songs which I don’t know the meaning of, but I still like anyway, because, mp3 theory. I didn’t try to translate the lyrics and all, because who cares, I am liking and still listening to it.

  1. 莎啦啦 - This song was playing in the background of a cat video featured on 9GAG Cute. I liked the video and even more the audio. I searched for this song and found it to be this. This song is very recent addition to this list.
  2. Ewakuacja - I legit don’t know the language of this song. I found this song after casually browsing through a VA album Zumba hits 2008 (not sure if I remember correctly). I am surprised that I still remember this song.
  3. Derniere Danse - This is a French song I first listened to in 2015ish. This song installed itself in my heart and I got so mad that people started to shout at me for always listening to this song. Years later, people got used to me listening to the same song infinite times.
  4. …. - There are still many more songs but for now, this is the list.