I am finally going to get my first tattoo.

This Too Shall Pass

Sometime in my second (or third) year of my undergrad, when there was a lot of shit happening, I came across this adage. I don’t know where exactly I read this (maybe in a manga chapter or in Translator Notes of one), but, it kind of stuck to me. Later on, when my sixth semester of my undergrad started, I connected to it on a super emo level, which I will dwell on, in a latter post. =D I have super strong reason to wait for the right reason to make a post about that.

No piece of work about This Too Shall Pass would be incomplete without mentioning the fabled tale. Source: Wikipedia. Since, that wiki page is a wiki page. I decided to code it up:

while not Death:
    if BadTime:
    elif GoodTime:

If you’ve read the tale in the wiki page, you would know how the same thing which can make someone happy when sad can also make someone sad when happy. I am not surprised when people whom I have told about this, said it is a dangerous side effect. This side effect of never really bothered me. Drink the water from the glass if you’re thristy. If it is empty, fill it up. If it is filled to the brim, stop filling it more. You can’t anyway stop time. So, if you’re in a GoodTime you might as well enjoy it.

One another catch I have noticed about this proverb is to NOT just sit, doing nothing, during BadTime. I understand there will always be situations when you can do nothing, but, until that helpless situation arrives, don’t give up… (bgm: Sia-The Greatest )

Since I have known this quote for a long time, I am quite capable of attaching a Cherishing and Gratitutous attitude to it, but only selectively for I am a mere human.

To account for the case when I am in BadTime and GoodTime, there’s that last else case below wherein I want to just enjoy life as it unfolds.

Now, I present to you, my Life Code based in Python.

I made a Surya object

while Surya.isAlive():
    if Surya.inBadTime():
        while Surya.canDo():
    elif Surya.inGoodTime():