Life, for me, is a finite quantity in the infiniteness of the space it belongs to. Keeping all moral and ethical reasons aside, I would like this note to be the final thing from me.

NB for future surya, keep updating this as needed

I understand the red flags this note might(or will) possibly raise but my desire for my words to come out of me when I’ve come out of me has compelled me.

So, I have my dreams.

I have my aspirations.

I have things I want to do.

I have my regrets.

I have my sad stuff.

And, I am always trying to achieve my dreams the way I envision them.

If I could go back in time to when it all began for me,

I would have surely done somethings differently, but, ultimately, I would have wanted to end up in the same place where I am right now.

If pain is what truly connects a soul to an another, know that I wouldn’t want you to connect to my soul.

I do not want the pain of my demise to reach you and stir up emotions.

I have had this pain before. And, know beyond any doubt, I would never want it to do you what it did to me.

I would like you to believe in me that I am fighting until the end.

I am putting every once of faith I have in every step I take that it will get me closer to my dream.

I say to myself “I will get there, pause for effect eventually.”

surya in future: that pause is so cheesy lmao